About Us

NetCom Wireless started as a “hobby” in 2004, being known as the first WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in Bredasdorp, providing wireless network connectivity between friends and family.

We realized that there was a lack of proper internet connectivity in the area. This was when we decided to “Make Internet Accessible and Affordable For Everyone” and shortly after we had our first paying internet subscriber.

We’ve expanded our coverage area and increased our customer base on a daily bases, upgrading and keeping ahead of demand and growing a healthy and well performing network.

Today we run one of the most stable ISP networks, operated by enterprise equipment and supporting many households and businesses.

We have a stronghold in the Overberg area with our selected wireless product, however we would like to keep our fibre clients in the Western Cape region with Helderberg as our fibre stronghold. Service is important to us and we would like to keep it that way by keeping our internet family close by.

We have grown closer to the community and businesses in our area providing the best possible and friendly services, improving their daily operations.

Getting tired with crappy, high latency internet, motivated us to provide world class internet services, but MOST IMPORTANT, to provide the best CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Officially founded in 2009 by Juan Roberts and A.J Hart, NCW (Pty) Ltd t/a NetCom Wireless is a Fibre and Wireless Internet Services Provider (WISP) operating with the following Licenses issued by ICASA (Independent Communication Authority of South Africa).

Overberg District Municipality – 1011/CECNS/MAR/2018
Overberg District Municipality – 1011/CECS/MAR/2018
City Of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality (Western Cape Province) – 2124/CECS/JAN/2022

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