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Wireless FAQ

The first step would to make a “Sight Survey” appointment via phone, email or visit to our office, free of charge.

All we need will be the accountable person’s name and surname, cell phone number, email address and address premises where requested service is required.

On our arrival, our guys will introduce themselves and ask what the service reequipments would be.

We will look at what current equipment available to make use of and if it would be adicute to use in production environment.

They will also make their way to the highest point of the building in-order to investigate if a line of sight can be achieved. They will then determine the best suited location for installation in-order to provide the best quality of service delivery.

After the sight survey, we will have all the details on what is required to compile a quotation of equipment/sundries required to complete the installation.

Once quotation is accepted and payment has been reflected in NCW account, stock/equipment will be allocated and client will be contacted for a suitable date/time for installation.

Also please note that we treasure every life, we cannot commence installation if working environment is unsafe. The biggest factor to consider would be the weather.

The most important concept to remember is that we only provide a Prepaid service.

Once a new client has completed the installation, one month of free service will be allocated.

The reason for the free month is that the customer can adapt to get the correct billing for the second month of service.

Within the free month, a payable pro-rata invoice will be issued for only the remaining days left to the end of the free month (second month).

a Complete invoice will then be sent in the end of the second month (normally on the 26’th) – for the third month of service delivering.

Should you choose to pause/cancel the subscription, it is VERY important to let us know before the 26’th of month. The client will be liable for invoice been issued for the next month service delivery.

If no payment has been reflected in NCW bank account, the service will then be expired on the 5’th of next month. In-order to resume the service, a full month of service will be invoiced to the client, for the rest of the month’s service delivering. Activating of service will be comence once payment reflects in NCW bank account.

Our billing system is completely automated. Integration between FNB, Sage and Radius are controlled by custom tailer made software and programs that does all the capturing of payment’s, allocating payments to oldest invoices and enabling/expiring of services.

Fibre FAQ

First, let look at a few defenitions:

FNO: A Fibre Network Owner (FNO), e.g. OpenServe, Octotel, Frogfoot etc, manages and owns your fibre optic connectivity infrastructure. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), e.g. NCW, manages how you receive the internet services over the FNO’s infrastructure, and further manages the speed and data frequency.

ONT: Optical Network Terminal​ is an outlet to the Internet for fiber technology. The ONT is the demarcation point between the LeverettNet fiber-optic network and the subscriber premises Ethernet wiring to the subscriber router, which serves the subscriber’s devices. The ONT converts optical signals into electrical signals, and vice-versa.

We need to identify if your address in withing a FNO’s network range by consulting one of the FNO’s covarage maps. If the area is live and ready, you can complete and email a signed application form to

We will immediately start the installation or migration process with the relevant FNO.

In most cases a “2 core” fibre cable will be installed into a designated area or room where termanation will take place.

OpenServe will make use of their current pole infrastructure where an overhang cable from their pole is connected to your home. If the customer does not wish to have an overhang cable, it will then be for the clients account to make conduit provisions to the home. Strategies can be made with technician upon site visit.

Octotel will make use of their pre-installed grey fibre box, normally located Infront of home border wall or fence. They will provide conduiting up to 20 meters from the home. Additional cost to the customer will be invoiced by Octotel if distance is exceeded.

From there, a fibre patch cable connect the termanation box to a ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device. The job of this device is to convert optical signals to ethernet signals.

From the ONT device, an ethernet patch cable can be used to connect into you indoor wireless router (access point).

2 Core Fibre Cable
Fibre Termination Box
ONT Device
Indoor Wireless Router


Most cases the termination box and the ONT device are glued on the wall (hidden) close to the indoor wireless router.

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