We have decided to make internet more affordable than ever. This means the home wireless packages will get a speed adjustment for a better adjusted price.  10 Mbps and higher will be removed from home wireless as were Fibre2Wave will continue from 10 Mbps – 100 Mbps.

Q: Well, how does this affect me? Easy …

If you currently have a 1 Mbps uncapped for R199/pm, you will now upgrade to 2 Mbps for the same price per month.

Upgrades will migrate from Uncapped 1 Mbps to Uncapped 8 Mbps.

1 Mbps will now be R149/pm

Prices will also be adjusted for customers with wireless home speeds 10Mbps and higher.

Q: When will these changes take place?

We intend to have all our customers speeds adjusted by the end of April 2021.

Q: But why?

As our slogan states, we would like to provide the most affordable internet service to everyone and we do not intend to stop here….

UPDATE: 01/04/2021

All customers services have successfully been migrated to a higher speed package!

Please don’t fear, the price you pay now, will stay exactly the same.

With us, you only have speed to gain.

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  1. Excellent, superb service.
    Keep up with the good service delivering.

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